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>> Official launch of the website: January 2021 <<

All e-merchants have a particular interest in making their store known. This is the first objective of any good seller, whatever the nature of its products or services. So, as a merchant wishing to make his products better known and boost visits to his website, you must register your store on a professional directory.

Generalist directories are not what is recommended, if you want to have a fast and efficient result. Prefer a specialized professional directory for a good referencing of your website. You will gain in visibility, and you will increase the number of visitors both on the site and on social networks.

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Main qualities of our professional directory specialized e-commerce

Discover why you can trust us in 3 points

Professional quality pages written by our own team

We require detailed sheets with a text of 400 words minimum, non-duplicated content, nice pictures and links to your platforms: activity website and/or Twitter.

Quick validation of new registrations within 24 hours

Each registration is manually validated by our team. We thus check that the professional sheets correspond to our requirements and we publish them quickly.

A web platform with a good popularity on Google

Our team is constantly working to offer you a quality service. As a result, our platform benefits from excellent metrics that evolve positively every year.

Nowadays, it is essential to be visible on the Internet.

You too, reference your e-commerce

What is a professional web directory?

An online professional directory is a platform that lists contact information and all the necessary information to know about a company. The professional web directory informs the Internet user about the phone directory, the email address, a personalized ad, and sometimes a link that redirects to the company’s website. This online database is classified in two categories. The generalist web directories and the specialized web directories which are clearly more interesting than the first ones.

All companies that register in an online professional directory are looking for visibility. For an optimal result, it is advisable to subscribe to a specialized directory. This directory reinforces the notoriety of the company, boosts its natural referencing, since the Net surfer generally seeks a product or a specific service. These directories are thus more apt to transform your prospects into future customers.

A specialized web directory admits websites centered on a well defined theme (training directory, sports directory, automobile retirement home, IT, communication, etc.). Thus, the referrer by accessing this directory, is faced with a multitude of headings clearly specifying the location of his site. The specialized directories thus make it possible to the Net surfer who seeks an activity or a specific product to be well redirected. It is thus more beneficial for a trader to privilege a specific directory instead of a generalist directory which does not propose detailed categories.

Why do we have to pay for our directory?

There are free directories and paid directories. A free professional web directory does not offer several advantages. With this directory, you have no guarantee that your business has good visibility. They offer a plethora of advertising campaigns that very quickly discourage Internet users. Also, the main disadvantage of a free online directory is that the fields you fill in can be wrong, since it is not updated.

The paid version on the other hand is of an irreproachable quality and has a multitude of advantages. Your ads are likely to be personalized with these directories. In the same way, you have the possibility to add a logo on your listing, or other information about your company that you find necessary. This can be for example the opening and closing hours.

In a particular way, our paying directory allows you to put several links to the pages of your choice and also a presentation of your main products and services. Our paying directory does not indispose the Net surfers with a multitude of advertising campaigns. We privilege the publication of the professional pages with an interesting content for the Net surfers. We thus take care of each professional page and we propose an after-sales service for any modification or correction.

The formula per subscription is 25 dollars per year, and can be renewed every year. It notably allows to keep the companies still existing. In the absence of renewal, the professional page of a company that no longer exists will be permanently deleted by our team. When this happens, in order to benefit again from our services, you must subscribe to a new subscription.

Metrics StayOnPro November 2020

What are the 4 main advantages of referencing your e-commerce site on our professional directory?

There are several interests in entrusting us with the referencing of your e-commerce site.

Low cost of subscription per year

Our goal is to offer a solution that is both inexpensive and reliable. With our professional directory, you pay at a lower cost for a very good quality service, and a durable solution.

Professional SEO optimized page written by our team

We work on the content of each page in order to enhance the value of each company. Our directory has a high Page Rank (an index higher than 5) and offers hyperlinks in Dofollow (validated by Google), to your store. An action that allows you to have more visitors on your e-commerce site and all your social networks.

Our team, by taking care of writing your SEO optimized page, allows you to put all your assets forward, and especially to offer quality content for Internet users. This is a very important point for natural referencing, and to generate traffic and therefore increase online purchases.

Easily accessible platform for Internet users

Your online store is more likely to be visible on a Google map. Each professional page offers essential and relevant information such as descriptions, videos, photos, schedules, links to social networks, etc. A blog related to business and e-commerce.

Basically, listing your business on our online directory helps your site to be better positioned in search engine result lists. You effectively increase your visitors, and you have great chances to boost your sales.

We have a team of SEO experts, which is why we do not allow duplicate content on our platform. Instead, we offer unique content, with relevant keywords on your product or service, which allows you to reference yourself more efficiently. The more backlinks you have with optimized anchors, the better you improve your ranking in Google.

Subscribing to a specialized professional web directory is giving your business a better chance to prosper. Directories help online merchants to succeed in e-commerce, boosting their visibility, improving their traffic, SEO, and optimized content. The goal is also to make it easier for Internet users to search for a specific item or service. It is then necessary to bet on a specialized web directory that brings more traffic to your e-commerce site. This will allow you to increase the number of your prospects and make them loyal customers in the long term.

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