22 January 2017

Covid-19 : Working in a garden office can be a good solution for some professionals.

Garden offices, which were still not very widespread only a few years ago, have seen their construction market develop at the same pace as activities related to the net economy. The digital shift has greatly favoured the creation of work structures on a human scale. The new workers there favour comfort and the optimization of spaces and luminosity in order to favour their creativity.

It is thanks to these offices, often well stocked with trees, of which www.woodyloft.fr has become a specialty, that entrepreneurs of the new economy find quick and ingenious solutions to their clients’ problems. Work, even at home, is no longer a constraint for freelancers; rather, it has become an important part of their personal and professional balance.

These harmonious constructions can also be used as independent studios for short or long term accommodations for guests who will feel at ease.

Optimizing costs in an environment conducive to creativity

To enable you to set up a work environment, offices or an independent studio, we offer both kit solutions and custom installations.

By creating a wooden installation in your garden you will enjoy a natural space, pleasant to live and work in. Our kit solutions do not have any interior fittings but allow you to set up your new space yourself, significantly reducing construction costs.

With the help of your family or friends, you can build a quality wooden construction with the same benefits as our custom-made installations, without the need for installation.

The garden office is a natural part of it.

www.woodyloft.fr can create and install a garden office or an extension to your wood frame home in just one or two months. We are of course dependent on the issuance of a building permit. Our independent studios and offices do not require foundations but strictly comply with insulation standards, especially thermal insulation (RT2012).

According to the regulations adopted by your municipality we will install a siding in raw wood or painted wood. The interior is lined with plasterboard type BA13. The exterior openings are made of aluminum black matte, charcoal gray, white matte or pistachio green. We can therefore advise you on the materials that will offer the best integration of your office or independent studio in your garden. All our creations are customizable as you wish.

We will scrupulously respect your construction and installation deadlines, as well as your budget of course. Your garden office or independent studio realized by Woodyloft respects the environment, it is beautiful and durable. Do not hesitate to visit our website and to contact our team of professionals to learn more and to establish an estimate.

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