What is E-Commerce – A Complete Introduction to E-Commerce?


If one has an idea to start an online business, the first thing that will cross his or her mind is ‘What is E-Commerce’. It might come to him as a new wave of business opportunity. The concept of online shopping via the internet seems very easy to grasp and understand. It is a fact that when people are using the internet for transactions, they would want to do it sitting in their home or office. The concept of an online store has come up as a blessing for these people as they can save time, money and stay relaxed while conducting a business.

The need of people who wish to trade online has forced a change in the ways of doing business. Previously there was the offline shopping and the process was that people visited the stores and purchased stuff but the goods were stored in huge warehouses. However, with the advent of online businesses, the concept of e-commerce emerged and changed the way business was conducted. Now, instead of owning a physical store, people visit the online website of the company and buy products or hire services. In this case, the products are packed and mailed to the customer’s address.

What is E-commerce further? E-commerce is nothing but a procedure where you can order goods online using the credit cards. The payment gets processed through an electronic system. When you visit any website which offers you E-commerce services, then you will see a page that helps you to create a virtual platform and makes you enter your personal credit card details.

After entering the details like your name, email id and credit card number, you can proceed to checkout your order. After entering all the details, if you are satisfied with the goods available on the website, then you can enter the check out details and the rest will be taken care by the online merchant. The process of shopping is done online. One does not have to physically go to the retail store and do business. As long as you have an internet connected computer, you can easily shop for your requirement online.

If you want to venture into what is e-commerce, you should firstly decide upon a particular product that you want to sell online. It should be something that you are very familiar with and have knowledge about the market niche that you want to cater. Once you are clear about the product that you wish to deal in, then you can look for a reputable online merchant who deals in that specific product.

You may find it difficult to locate a good merchant initially. There are many ecommerce website available online who are ready to serve you with the services of a merchant for your business process. Once you get a reliable and credible merchant, you can easily move ahead with the process.


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