4 May 2017

Referencing of an online starter on a quality directory

There are many online directories and these exist long before the existing search engine, which is favoured by the majority of Internet users: Google

Of course, most of them are of poor quality and are far too generalized. Moreover Google is starting to sort them out and no longer promotes these poor quality directories.

We offer here a directory dedicated to young companies and startups so that you can benefit from one or more quality links, one or more press releases, exchanges between young entrepreneurs and startups.

Since its creation at the beginning of 2016, our directory is a success because we record more and more creation files. Also, we receive many messages congratulating us for this free concept…for the moment. Yes this service will soon be paid for because we devote more and more time to it and it is normal, I think, to be somewhat remunerated for a performing service. Don’t worry it won’t be an exorbitant sum.

Less expensive than traditional advertising

Being also an entrepreneur since 2010, I have tested several offline solutions to make myself known by a large audience. So I tried advertising in magazines of the same niche or newspaper ads. Indeed we reach a large audience but is this YOUR target audience? Usually the answer is no and you’ve spent all your money on a few miserable customers. Moreover, these ads are usually short term and you need to find the best timing for one or more potential offline publications.

Cheaper than paper

Compared to old paper directories, Yellow Pages not to mention them, digital directories are much more interesting in terms of price. Indeed the advertisement by itself is less expensive and this is logical: the printing of thousands of Yellow Pages directories costs more than the design, the realization and the hosting of a landing page or a website. The digital directory is a very interesting and therefore profitable communication tool, as long as you choose the right solution. On our directory dedicated to start-ups and startups, you will be able to benefit from all the advantages of digital at low cost.

More ecological than paper

Digital directories are much more environmentally friendly than paper directories, so it’s a wonderful gesture to protect the environment in an age where the consumer is more than ever connected to this evocation. So why not make a beautiful landing page on your website to argue your various commitments to ecology, whose existence in an online directory rather than paper, the sympathy capital of your visitors will quickly strengthen, you’ll see!

Relatively simple & fast

Internet users don’t have the time, or at least they don’t take the time to surf for long hours, they want to find the information they are looking for quickly. As we said before, a simple search and you will find what you are looking for. An excellent digital directory is therefore a time saver for Internet users who are missing some, which is pretty much everyone, to tell the truth! So the e-directory still has a bright future ahead of it… at least online directories that will be able to adapt to mobile navigation, tablets and new referencing standards.

Visitors in addition

Internet users who have found what they were looking for, will generally go to the company’s website thanks to the link that we highlight on each of the activity sheets. Thanks to our directory dedicated to start-ups and small businesses, you can therefore have new qualified visitors on your own web platform… but also in your online store if you have one. Think about doing a nice little survey on your website or your online store, asking how the visitor found you, you will find that the answer “specialized online directory” will come back more often than you thought.

Qualified traffic

From the moment a visitor accesses our specialized directory, you can be sure that he will consult the multiple pages such as the company files, our various articles and even our press releases. Each business card has a precise description, photos and a DoFlollow link (validated by Google without going into too many technical details) leading directly to the website of the activity concerned. You are sure that visitors coming from us will not be robots or protagonists outside your “niche”.

A good notoriety & credibility

Serious companies don’t have to hide and generally want to maximize their presence on the web. Especially on Google and on directories like ours. The more a company or startup will be present on different digital media, the more it will develop its notoriety and therefore its credibility. Do not hesitate one second to register on our directory by detailing precisely your activity.

A natural referencing

You are coming to the end of this article and you feel ready to list your activity in our directory? Well we can encourage you to do so. You will benefit from an online platform of very good quality and will place your link in hard to your website, your landing page or your online store. Your site will thus take value in the eyes of search engines such as Google, and will be better referenced naturally. Indeed the incoming links (backlinks) to your website will be “qualitative” if they come from a good directory like ours. You know what you have to do. Go here : http://www.cubelist.fr/ajoutez-votre-activite


  1. Franck André

    15 May 2017

    Point de vue partagé. Je trouve que le referenement naturel augmente considérablement la visibilité d’une site s’il est bien élaboré.

  2. Michael Lamy

    3 August 2017

    Bonjour, au sujet de l’efficacité des annuaires je reste encore mitigé.
    La raison (peux être mauvaise vision de ma part) est que, qui passe par un annuaire pour visité un site web ?
    Perso de ma vie je ne l’ai jamais fais. Alors je me dis pourquoi ajouterais je mon site sur un annuaire ?

    Peux être aurais vous une réponse à cela

    En tout cas merci

  3. Photok

    20 December 2017

    Je débute….


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