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How to Explain Digital Communication to Your Boss?


How to explain digital communication to your boss

What is the best way to explain digital communication to your boss? While it is certainly possible to explain the basics of email, chat and VOIP, it might be a good idea for you to understand that communication in this day and age involves both types of devices. You can send an email to your boss using his computer, or you can talk to him or her on a much less expensive phone. The same technologies that have made email and chat possible are also making it possible to video chat with your boss. Before you start explaining digital communication to your boss, you may want to ask him or her how she or he is able to accomplish this feat.


If you need to, it would be very easy for you to explain to your boss that email and chat communications are now so common that it is considered workplace communication. It is very easy to explain why this type of communication is better than telephone conversations, because there is no longer any need for an intermediary. If all you have to do is send an email, have a brief discussion or send a chat message, then your boss can simply forward the message on to someone else. While email and chat are indeed fairly simple forms of communication, it may be easier for your boss to explain things like VoIP or web conferences to you rather than him or her having to explain it to you by using standard email or even voice mail.


When you are first learning about digital communication, it can be easy to learn how to explain digital camera phones to your boss. Digital cameras are certainly not something that most people ever think about when they are working. However, most digital cameras these days come with many extra features. You can even set up a digital camera on your computer and take it with you wherever you go. Most digital cameras now also allow you to save images or videos to a hard drive, where you can then watch them later.


How to explain digital communication to your boss? Digital phone systems have come along way. These days, most phones come with both voice mail and a number dialer built into the phone itself. You can simply tell your phone system what type of calls you would like to receive-to whatever extension you prefer-and tell your phone system which extensions to dial so that you can connect to whoever you need to talk to.


How to explain digital communication to your boss? For those who are still using email, how to explain digital communication to your boss might mean setting up a secondary email address just for work-related communications. You can use your regular email system to send files and memos to your boss, but it can be harder to explain that it is not actually you sending the messages. You can even set up your computer online and tell your computer (or a program on your computer) to only handle emails from your work computer online. This can be useful if you are in an office building and many other people are using the same computer as you, but if you are working from home or an internet cafe, then a separate account online will make things easier for you.


So you see, that learning how to explain digital communication to your boss does not have to be a big, scary project. Most bosses understand that computer networks and email are still cutting edge technology and understand that new technologies will be constantly evolving. Use your common sense and ask your computer what it means. Then, if it doesn’t make sense, you can find someone who uses a similar program and ask them how to explain digital communication to your boss-it’s always easier when it’s something your boss actually uses.


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