13 September 2020

How to become a better Human Resources Manager?

The human factor is a pillar of corporate success. It is at the heart of any business development and success strategy. The employees who participate in the internal life of your company are not only skills to be exploited but also people to be managed. But managing people with personality and emotions is probably the most difficult job. A good basic training is therefore essential before taking on the role of Human Resources Manager. This training is intended to be improved or even deepened by practical and ever more up-to-date notions, which will make you an excellent Human Resources Manager.

What is a Human Resources Manager?

Still called Human Resources Manager, the HR Manager participates in the development of the company’s HR policy and will also be the one in charge of implementing it. In clearer terms, he or she is the one who is responsible for managing all employees working for the company. He informs them of their rights and obligations vis-à-vis the company and ensures that conditions are favorable to their productivity.

He will ensure that the legal provisions are properly applied in the company, particularly with regard to career management. He is involved in every stage of the employee’s life process within the company, and in some small or medium-sized companies, he will be directly in charge of recruitment. Larger companies generally use a specialized external firm.

He is the expert in HR issues within the company and as such will have to contribute to the realization of projection or simulation studies concerning costs and workforce. In addition, he or she must make reliable data concerning personnel available to the company in real time, through a good information system.

To enter the profession, a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management is ideally required. In some companies, a DUT in Law and Personnel Management, in Business and Administration Management or a BAC + 2 with a consequent experience in the field may be appropriate.

What do you need to develop to be a good HR Manager?

One of the best assets and paradoxically one of the least cited is a good dose of empathy. You will not be able to effectively manage people without this most essential prerequisite. According to the dictionary, empathy is the ability to understand, to feel feelings or to put oneself in another person’s shoes. We all need it in our relationships and it is most useful when we have to manage several people with different personalities and get the best out of them, for the company’s influence. It is also necessary to show those brave people who create wealth for the company that they are not just skills or means to an end. But real people who are valued and whose contribution is important to the development of the company. When people feel valued, when they feel they have an important role, they give their best.

The HR Manager must be able to regularly evaluate the staff and discern if there is a need for capacity building training. If need be, he can take care of the organization himself or rely on an Event Agency specialized in the organization of professional events. Attractive solutions are offered for this purpose on the https://www.direct-montpellier-plus.com platform. Sometimes what would be appropriate will be the organization of team building seminars to strengthen team cohesion. HR strategies must constantly be adjusted to the objectives at the global level of the company, and this requires a great deal of analytical skills on the part of the HR Manager.

In addition, the HR Manager must have a great ability to communicate. He or she must be able to clearly communicate the company’s vision to staff and engage the team in achieving results. He must be an autonomous, responsible and proactive person, with a good dose of Leadership to inspire others. He must push everyone to improve in their work and their contribution to the company, while he himself works to constantly update his knowledge and develop new skills. Good organization and time management are valuable skills in this regard, which will surely make you better at what you do.

Finally, the HR Manager is a positive person with good emotional intelligence. A good background and knowledge in the field will certainly make you a good candidate for the profession, but it is your values and personal assets that will make you a good HR Manager. Investing in yourself is almost the best preparation for success in these positions.

The external influence of the company comes first and foremost from within, and internally human capital management is the key to productivity.