16 September 2020

3 reasons for your company to choose a neobank

Usually associated with additional services for facilitating payments or collections, your company’s business account must be kept separate from your personal accounts. Neobank presents itself as an innovative solution that meets the specific requirements of companies. Here are a few reasons to choose neobanking for your company!

The flexibility and fluidity of banking services

A completely digital banking institute available only via the internet, the neobank, like Boursorama, qonto or Saxo, enjoys true operational independence. It is distinguished by its ease of access and practicality as well as by the optimization of its services. With neobanks, you enjoy a flexible and fluid experience with a totally simplified registration process: administratively less restrictive, opening an account remains child’s play.

The absence of selectivity also represents an undeniable advantage: neobanks are open to everyone (including minors). The non-availability of overdraft on these platforms allows companies in financial difficulty to easily open their accounts. The optimized accessibility allows to consult one’s account anywhere and everywhere, from a smartphone, a computer or even a connected watch. You can therefore manage your business account from home or from your vacation destination! Moreover, thanks to your bank card, you can withdraw cash, most of the time in all currencies, in real time and free of charge. The neobanks are equipped with applications with a very intuitive interface and quite easy to use.

The consultation of your balance, the payment of your partners or the control of your bank card is done in a few allowing an optimized management: focused on a real democratization and an undeniable simplification of the banking services. The neobanks avoid you any waste of time and offer real innovative management tools, both for individuals and professionals and allow fast and secure operations, distinguishing themselves on this point from traditional banks by the celerity in the execution of transactions.

Innovative services for businesses

The neobanks have understood that businesses have different expectations from individuals. This is why they offer them much more specific offers (professional cards capable of accessing payment terminals, transfers from abroad, unlimited CB payments with no maximum limit, professional accounts available to freelancers, etc.). Business creators (startups, freelancers, auto-entrepreneurs, etc.) benefit from exceptional support.

Preferential rates

Mainly exploiting modern and autonomous applications, neobanks offer services at relatively low costs. You can carry out most operations without any assistance, hence the absence of account maintenance fees. Generally within everyone’s reach, the rates offered are very attractive compared to the services offered.

Moreover, the availability of customer service is another undeniable asset. However, one must make sure to choose a bank offering the best means of communication. Here is a comparison of the best neobanks that will allow you to find the neobank that will best meet the needs and desires of your company.